O.L.L.Y’s Plans this September!

Wheels going round and round again, on our Amazing Red Bus this September.

  • Saturday, September 11th New Brighton Crab Fishing then onto the beach for fun and beach games.
  • Saturday, September 18th Mini Monsters. For our younger Olly kids.
  • Sunday, September 19th Wepa Park for a fabulous day out and a picnic.
  • Saturday, September 25th Bowling. Liverpool Kids.
  • Sunday, September 26th Bowling Birkenhead kids.

Thank you to ALL our drivers Lyndsey, Stephen, Jayne, and Dave.
Thank you to Alex, Beth, Gemma, Alisha, Hayley, Rosie, and Juliana for your commitment and loyalty to our Olly kids.

Thank you to Jackie and all the office volunteers who behind the scenes plan and prepare and organise such amazing trips out and breaks away.

Thank you to all of our sponsors for their kindness of funding that enables us to help so many many children spread across Merseyside.