James Andre Godfrey Smartt-Ford

Born on Monday 20th November 1989 in Mayday Hospital, Croydon. James was a happy peaceful child that was forever smiling…. as a young child he would only have to hear the mutter of the words ‘donald duck quack quack’ and he would bein fits of laughter, a trait of sheer happiness he carried throughout his life.
James aged 17 was in his first year of an `ElectricalEngineering Course at Carshalton College. He was to attend Guildford College in Sepetmber 2008 to study for his CeMAP exams (mortgagequalification) to join his mother’s mortgage practice. He never made it to 18!
Having attended prestigious ‘Belair School in Mandeville, Jamaica, James returned to Beverley Boys in New Malden and left school with a clutch of 5 ‘GCSE’s. Studying in Jamaica allowed him to appreciate the true value of education. He studied hard and showed true determination and drive to succeed. He left Beverley Boys armed with his qualifications and a headstart to realising his dreams.
James an adorable young man with a warm and caring nature, the little ‘man about the house’. He showed great responsibility, unprecedented independence and the courage to develop his inner abilities as an astute young businessman. As he matured, his character exemplified that of a young man with great ambition, pride, vision and respect for others, always talking about his own children and the kind of ‘dad’ he wanted to be. James had a passion for bikes and cars and was looking forward to a successful future and making a difference.

So full of life, a comedian at heart with an infectious laugh, he made people laugh – finding the funny in everyone he met. James will forever be remembered for the joy he brought into so many people’s lives