Chantel was my second daughter, born on a cold January afternoon in 1977. Chantel weighed just 5lbs so she was a tiny little girl, with such a beautiful little face.Chantel had one sister and three brothers.

Chantel was a popular girl in school with many friends, everyone wanted to be Chantel’s friend she was bubbly, happy go lucky. Chantel had the most gorgeous blonde curly hair, everyone would say she was like Shirley Temple. She was just gorgeous with a big heart, she loved helping other’s. Chantel was awarded from Lord Mayor a national painting award for her contribution to nature reserve. A award for PYE Disco kid were her sister also competed Chantel made it to the semi final, she was delighted dancing was a way for her to shine, but Chantel was most happiest horse riding. she was also sporty,she liked the competitive side of it.

Her very best friends were Larna and Karen Chantel would do anything for her best friends she loved them, because Chantel was such a loyal person. Chantel wanted to be a beautician and open her own shop with Larna, that was her ambition.

Chantel met her first boyfriend Paul, who she married and had her three children to. Chantel relished in family life, adored her three children they were her whole life. Always putting them first.

When in 2000 Chantel’s brother’s life was taken by a female Chantel was destroyed she was very close to her brother. Then her marriage ended, she was heartbroken. Chante struggled after the loss of her brother she was never the same again.

Chantel has left a huge empty space in our lives and the lives of her many friends her children have lost a mother. I have had the light put out on my world. Her sister will never be the same, her brothers are lost without her. She was the light in our household. A light that can never be re lit.

Chantel will always be remembered for her huge smile, with those Ice blue eye’s and white teeth. She was a joy a young women with a big heart.

Shine on Channy x