Mark was my husband. He was a great man. He had a big heart and loved everyone and everyone loved him.. I can’t begin to know who would want to bring harm to him.
Still after 3 1/2 years I still think of him! I won’t give up the fight of this cold case and finding his cold hearted killer!
I remember the day I met him. I remember so many things about him!
I am a better person from knowing him and having him in my life!
Mark and I loved to sing karaoke… He could sing a tune that would melt your heart! He once told me to sing from your heart and you will never go wrong… I trusted him and I believed that to be true and to this day I sing with this in mind….
I will never forget the song he put into my heart and the many wonderful times we had together!
Thank you for allowing me to put these words here.
This was the last picture we had taken together!
I miss you still after all this time Mark!

Paula Dunn (Mark’s wife)