We would like to invite

We would like to invite those of you have lost a loved one from acts of homicide or culpable road death to our meeting at The HUB at 6th Anson Street. L3 5NY (off London Road). Please come along and join us, you do not need to make an appointment or tell us, just come along it starts around 10.30am but there is no time restriction. You can meet and chat with other family members who like you have been thrust onto this roller coaster ride from the sad loss of your loved one. These are things that we like to talk about to make sure that the victims families of homicide their needs, support and voices of those needs are heard way above that of the perpetrators.

• Are you receiving the support that you need?
• Who is offering you this support and what content and quantity?
• Are you happy with that support or are you being left to suffer in silence?
• Are you concerned about a family member who is not coping with your sad loss?
• Are you struggling since your loss with housing issues?
• If you have younger children are they being supported?
• Are you receiving any respite?
• Are you given all the information that you feel you should have?
• Would you be interested in joining a conference where your voices and our voices will be heard, if so please come along to The HUB it does not have to be Tuesday 10th September or any time, where Families Fighting for Justice will help you in every way that they can because they are victim led and understand the pain, the journey and PTSD condition.
We are open 9.30 to 4.30pm five days a week, no appointment needed, we just set Tuesdays aside for anyone who wishes to come. We know you struggle to keep appointment as each hour of each day is different, what you can do at 12.30 you may not be able to do at 1pm.

We also have our unique children’s group OLLY offering children activities, days out and breaks away. We have lots coming up. If you need any further information please call us on 0151 709 2994