Families Fighting for Justice

Families Fighting for Justice through The HUB, offers Peer Support to the adult members of a homicide or culpable road death family. The HUB offers so much in different ways to such families, unique in all that it offers under one roof, Once you visit us we can identify, through our F.A.S.H form, any concerns you may with any other family member or one of your children. We here at The HUB, can help in many ways, this includes if you have someone you are worried about for alcohol or drug misuse or domestic violence. We know only too well being victim led, all the things that can happen within a family once the loss of your loved one from the hands of another or others, this rocks a family to the core, problems and issues that were not there before your loved one’s life was taken.

We strongly believe here at Families Fighting for Justice and The HUB that every member of the family must be supported and each family members needs differ. The HUB can refer in-house to our OLLY children’s group please visits www.ourlostloveyears.co.uk, this will give you further insight to the support that OLLY offers including days out and breaks away. We also have a pickup service. We also have a Re-Building Your Future programme that can introduce you slowly back into work or give you a chance to come away from your house and into The HUB where you will be greeted with a friendly welcoming approach.

We also know only too well that appointments are hard to keep, therefore The HUB has no need for you to make any appointment, just ring our doorbell and we are there.

Many things have been said about Families Fighting for Justice over the years, we take our critics as those who may look for fault when there is no fault there. One thing Families Fighting for Justice can stand up and say with pride is ‘We always do our best, we may not please everyone but we are not there to please we are there to help, guide, advise and support. We know only too well that we cannot please everyone and we accept that’.
What we do know is that we are loyal, committed, understanding and give our time in helping those who have been thrust into this dark place. We have helped so many over the years, some have moved on because the help and support we gave them allowed them to do so.

If you need any further information or advice please do not hesitate to call us on 0151 709 2994