Families Fighting for Justice

Families Fighting for Justice has been extremely busy, our children’s group OLLY has grown rapidly. OLLY as you know is a unique support group for children.

At the end of September we will be going to Blackpool, with some of our members of Families Fighting for Justice, we will be picking up some of the members from Southport, this will be a fantastic day out and we will continue by finishing the day’s events by driving through Blackpool lights. This trip is free to the members of Families Fighting for Justice. We really love having these day trips out, Chester being our favourite which, we did last month, it is without doubt that when family members are together we all understand each other and we know that we are among those who are on the same roller coaster ride journey, so we can all relate to each other while making new friends while also, continuing with our long standing friendships that have been brought together out of such darkness.

If anyone needs any further information or would like to come along and join us on our up and coming events, coffee mornings or you may need a private one to one in our quiet lounge, if so call us on 0151 709 2994 or 07740149899

Families’ Fighting for Justice still works for change, we never give up hope. As you are all aware Brexit is in the fore front of our Government, but we are still working alongside Ministers, MP’s and we will always continue to do so.