Moving Forward

The Covid 19 pandemic has brought many many changes in the way we live our lives.
We here at Families Fighting for Justice delivers The HUB, which has never closed during the pandemic has recognised that not everyone could come out of their homes for different reasons.

Jean Taylor the founder thought it would be a great idea to be able to have our initial contact forms for the victim’s families of homicide or culpable road death available 24 hrs a day online via our websites.

Thanks to Digital Config who developed the online forms which can now be found on The HUB, Families Fighting for Justice, and the OLLY websites, this is now possible.

Once completed, these forms will be securely sent to us, we will then go through those forms and make contact with that family from the details they provide. This way they do not have to come out of their homes to fill out forms. We can then provide a telephone consultation or video call with the initial first contact made.

We also recognise from these forms the kind of support each individual requires also if they wish to use the support for their children within the OLLY children’s group.

Please visit our websites and press the button/link on the main page that will take you to the forms.