Jade Pickering

My beautiful wonderful 1st born daughter was cruely taken from us on the 13/09/09 aged 16 yrs along with her friend Tia Guye they were passengers in a car that took a no right turn in front of an oncoming coach, even though he ignored 7 signs saying it was a no right turn and it was proven that a call had been made from the defendents phone at 9.04 when the collison happened at 9.05 and it was proven nobody else in the car had his phone, there are many more mistakes and answers unheard, the defenedent was found not guilty of causing death by dangerous driving he pleaded guilty to causing death by careless driving and was handed 150hrs community service for taking 2 young beautiful girls lifes, i am fighting this i am hoping a petition that i have set up will get the whole case looked into and also a change in the law so that if proven that you have caused a death on the road be it by dangerous driving or careless driving then a custodial sentance is the only option to impose, in my opinion it is manslaughter and i will not give up until i have got the justice our 2 beautiful girls deserve xxxxxxxxxx

Nicky Pickering