Joey Keenan

Joey was tragically
taken from his family and children on the 4th June 2000 aged 34 years in Blackpool.
Joey had moved to Blackpool from Leeds to live nearer his mum and sisters and to start a new life, he was
doing well until his so called friend turned up and began living off him, Joey was stabbed to death,
3 times in the back and 3 times in his chest – by this person, there was a delay in the injuries which proves it was premeditated and In front of three
witnesses….. Having in my possession all the witness statements, the truth was not told in court. 

Oldfield had arrived at Joey’s home late on Saturday night June 3rd 2000, one of the neighbours from
an upstairs flat who was sleeping with Oldfield knew he had a large kitchen knife down the back of
his jeans, she asked him why he had the knife and he told her to Kill Joey! this is in her
statement, yet it was never told to the jury. She never told Joey or told the court. While we
were in shock and waiting for the trial Oldfield was contacting her by phone from prison and
swearing his undying love to her, she told the court it was a pencil she felt down his jeans.

At 9pm on the Sunday evening of June 4th Oldfield murdered Joey, in a premeditated attack. After he
repeatedly stabbed Joey he grabbed the three witnesses mobile phones and threw them as the women
tried to ring for help, as Joey lay dying he then jumped on Joey’s back and stabbed him further times he then casually left the flat and half an hour later walked past me and my
sister Julie (Joey’s Sisters) and went behind our mums home where he jumped into his car and drove
back to Leeds, Stealing petrol along his way. In Leeds he told a pack of lies and had assistance
in burning out the car and destroying all evidence, burning of his clothing and disposing of the
weapon even though he told the police he threw it down a grate in Blackpool, it was never found.

The court case was a farce-but not to us his family or his children. Oldfield had been contacting witnesses from prison, he stood in court and admitted killing Joey, when asked WHY? he cried and said he WAS NOT PROVOKED BY JOEY IN ANYWAY, and did not know why he had taken Joey’s life? Joey could have been still here today had one of the witnesses informed him Oldfield had a knife upon him and was intending to kill Joey. Joey was not a coward, he did not use weapons, Joey’s downfall was trusting his so called friends!

On the 22nd of December 2000 the jury returned a verdict of manslaughter with provocation and the
murderer received 7 years, he was walking the streets in 4 years 8 months. Justice was not served.
My brother Joey was put on trial in that courtroom, dead men cannot speak, there was so many lies told and we could do nothing, we were totally failed, Oldfield made allegations that were not true and he could not substantiate, the jury was not told that Oldfield from Halton Moor Leeds had previously stabbed
someone 18 months before he stole Joey’s life. Oldfield was jealous to death of Joey, he wore his
clothes ate his food, spent his money and then stabbed him in the back.


We campaigned for justice intensely after the perverse verdict was returned, We asked the Labour
Government to bring in a new law, LIFE OR A KNIFE as 7 years is no deterrent, like hundreds of other
victims we got nowhere. 12 years on I am not giving up, the Internet was not as accessible when my brothers life was taken, let all victims who have been failed get together and make a stand.

Our lives will never be the same.

Please take a look at my website and sign my epetiton, letvictimsofmurderedlovedonesappealmanslaughterconvictions

Beverley Keenan – Joey\\\’s Sister